• Artist statement

    Mini Giri is influenced by the cross-cultural exploration of philosophy,
    spirituality and ethnography and the contemporary outcome of this

    As a self-taught Artist and Poet, her visual language is a deeply personal
    dialogue juxtaposing her eastern heritage against her upbringing in the


    While she is inspired by the abstract-expressionist and minimalist
    movement of European Art, there is within her an eastern and
    tribal/folk aesthetic sensibility.

    Giri’s childhood exposure to Maori art in New Zealand and her
    collaboration as an adult with tribal and folk artists in India have shaped
    her unique artistic style.

    We live in a world consumed by social media and noise, growing
    pollution and political upheavals; Giri believes that art creates a space
    to reflect and introspect - To travel into oneself and still the mind.
    In the midst of this increasingly intrusive, divided and noisy world, her
    art is a meditation on silence that seeks to transcend cultural


    Mini Giri is represented by Mahua Gallery in South Asia, her work is
    collected across USA, Europe and South Asia. She lives and works in
    Portland, USA and Bangalore, India.

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